Quick resource post…


If you write or conduct business, here are some contracts and resources you might want to look into…

Firm offer – If no time limit is stated, reasonable time (max 3 months) applies.

-Short List-

Contracts –
Confidentiality disclosure – is a great contract to use if you want to share publishable or written material with associates or clients in confidence without losing your hard work.

Employment – disclosing information to an employee or contractor
Purchase/Sale – disclosing information as part of a potential sale
Information disclosure statement – invention and patent purposes

Non Disclosure – proprietary information agreement

Quick Resources –

Query letter – is a formal letter sent to magazine editors, literary agents and sometimes publishing houses or companies. Writers write query letters to propose writing ideas.

Heat key your resume. Market yourself professionally.

Create a portfolio – using social media platforms to exhibit your work and showcase your talents, while growing and maintaining your network.

Anyone can use freelancers union to set up a profile, network with professionals, and create contracts. Their page is a great resource for writers. They offer health insurance, also.

I will provide more resources at a later day.

Speaking in Generalities…


Quick Life Recap –            new year. new peer. quality beer. rare cheer.

Walking to Hollywood park, the street started to vanish, cement turned to dirt. When I got there the horse track arena was weathered, but still intact. I walked down Century Boulevard past the Avenue of Champions when I noticed the streets were empty. I sat down in front of the arena for a minute to gather my thoughts. Five minutes went by before I decided to get up and walk into the arena. I sat in a seat in the front row of an empty arena staring at a no longer existent track.

I began to notice, if to you sit there long enough you can hear the breathing of the horses, the cheers from the crown as the horses compete, the crying of the many people that lost large sums of money and could feel the excitement of the bread winners. Nostalgia filled the air and sorrow filled my heart. I then walked the stairs , all the way to the top rows of the arena seats, climbed up to the highest viewpoint, and watched airplanes fly in and out of LAX.

Cement began disappearing again the longer I sat around. Cars vanished into thin air, houses crumbled to the ground and people were left roaming throughout many cities. Some people began rebuilding what was theirs, others continued to roam aimlessly, still others attempted to take from anyone they could. Societal order continued is bare nakedness. As I sat and watched life go on, many people lived the same in their own way.

Nobody helped anybody, some people helped others, others continued to take what wasn’t theirs and life went on. Some rebuilt society, others moved to lesser and greater places. Some watched things happen right in front of them and did nothing. Many starred and wondered at what was happening in utter indifference. Some talked to each other, others argued, few cared and life went on.  Many hung out with the people they wanted to, spent money on the things they wanted and life went on.

I use to wonder what the meaning of life was, until I found out, and then moved on. I began to speak in generalities. I noticed people, acknowledged their presence, and kept on about my way. I viewed life different. I spoke in a different manner. Plants grew out of the ground in a different way, business was as is, many made money others didn’t. Life went on…

Today I appreciate what I have, don’t cry over things I have no control over, take care of what is mine, respect other, and trust very few.

I have goals and a dream.

Today my life is my own. Family comes first, have fun with friends, meet new people, grow a business, and meet a women to settle down with and have a little family of my own.

Doing what I want, because I can, and I will. I obey the law. I pay my taxes. I like fine dining, entertainment, and quality liquor also. RIGHT!

Movie Recap/Review – The GUV‘NOR – 1935 Classic Film, Directed by Milton Rosmer


The GUV‘NOR – 1935 Classic Film, Directed by Milton Rosmer

Starring George Arliss as Francois Rothchild, Gene Gerrard as Flit and Viola Keats as lady Granville


George Arliss in the GUV‘NOR by Paul Laffittee. The movie is an hour and twenty minutes short, filmed in black and white. The film is about a shabby bum who utilizes his financial savvy to land a job as a bank manager at Continental Paris Bank. He upsets fellow financiers and exceeds everyone’s expectations of who they think he is.

In the opening scene a lady walks into the Continental bank to close her account. The bank manager Monsieur Barsac then walks into the boardroom where board members are discussing the troubles of the bank. Barsac tells them to have confidence in his leadership.

In scene two we meet the bum known by his friends as GUV’NOR aka Francois Rothchild as we come to see later. Towards the end of the scene he walks away from the gathering with his friend Flit played by (Gene Gerrard).

In scene three we hear a discussion between the bank manager and Dubois taking about the bank going bankrupt and Dubois played by (George Haynes) purchasing shares to bail out the bank.

The bum works a random job for lady Granville to make money before eventually becoming president of the Continental Bank due to an unknown happenstance. Lady Granville who owns 51% of the bank shares, happens to play a major role in the unfolding of the plot. She then meets with a member of the bank who tells her the bank board is calling in an outstanding loan that she owes to the bank. She is told she can either sell her Granville shares or she will have to give up her Estate. Basically she was being set up to lose everything she owns so the bank manger and his investor can score an unknown oil find.

A couple scenes later the bum is given pay for a job he worked for lady Granville, and then says, ‘he wants to travel south’. Walking away from her home he runs into his friend who is stopped by a cop for pouching. The cop takes both of them to the police station for association. At the police station the cops ask for ID. The bum is found out to have the name Rothchild. The cop makes a phone call to the Rothschild bank asking to verify ID. The bank requests to meet the bum to settle the matter. At the bank the bum is given a check for 2 thousand franks just for having the Rothchild name.

At this point in the movie I can relate to the plight of the bum. A man happy to just have work gets called into question just by association. People find out this guy might be smarter then he looks. He then is given an opportunity to give back to the people who were there for him when he had nothing.

Possible spoiler alert…

Towards the end of the movie Rothchild’s ID is found by the riverbanks with a letter stating ‘that he wants to end it all’ People assume this letter is a suicide letter. People rush to the stock exchange to check on their stocks. Dubois and the bank manager lose large amounts of stock and lose invest.

Rothchild shows up to clear his office, then ends up telling everyone that when they bought he sold and when they sold he bought. He purchased their invest, the estate which happened to be sitting on oil, and then gave everything back to Lady Granville. The bum ends up going south and his friend ends up being taken care of by lady Granville.

If you happened to appreciate classic film, this movie is great. The film seems to be shot by a single camera. The movie is easy to follow and tells a great story. I probably gave away the movie, but if you are looking to enjoy an old classic this movie is for you.

Happy New Year!


Wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

This year is a great opportunity to try something new. I am looking forward to reading, writing, working, and seeking publication. I hope this year brings you many new surprises and random opportunities.

Do something different that you have been wanting to do for years and never attempted to do.

Aromatic beverage, body healing concoction


Tea is known to relieve stress, anxiety, and tension. Tea has been known to be used for medicinal purposes.

Tea is an aromatic beverage commonly prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over cured leaves. After water, it is the widely consumed beverage in the world. Tea is known to come from China, but is also grown in other parts of the world. The phrase herbal tea usually refers to infusions of fruit or herbs made without the tea plant.

Tea plants are propagated from seed and cuttings. About 4 to 12 years are needed for a plant to bear seed and about 3 years before a new plant is ready for harvest. Only the tops 2 inches of a mature plant are picked. A tea plant will grow into a tree of up to 52ft if left undisturbed, but cultivated plants are generally pruned to waist height for easy plucking. The short plants bear more new shoots which provide new and tender leaves and increase the quality of tea. A plant will grow new flush (leaves) every 7-15 days during the growing season. Leaves that are slow in development tend to produce better flavored tea.

For many enthusiasts, buying expensive tea is a luxury and pleasure. Quality tea can be imported or purchased for cents on the dollar. There are many varieties for instance white, green, and black from many places all over the world such as Burma, India, and Japan etc, however China seems to be one of the more popular places to import tea from.

Who doesn’t enjoy a cup of tea every once in a while.

Uncle Gin’s Tea House in San Francisco, houses over 100 flavors of tea from various providences in China. He provides free tea tasting at his business and offers tea for purchase. You will enjoy the experience.166124_10150156551948709_7482642_n



Don’t be offended by what is written here today. This is merely my reflection on life thus far. This is not directed to anyone in particular. In fact, what is written might be helpful. Do not be afraid to express yourself.

Writing and conversing is an expression of self reflection. How a person thinks and feels are important and should matter. I am not a victim of circumstance today. I am a stronger person today than whom I was yesterday. I learn from my mistakes and keep growing. I keep getting up not matter how bad I fail.

Self expression is viewed, analyzed, and interpreted in many forms such as body language, written/verbal communication, how a person is dressed, and even how we treat other people. All the expressions of self sum up how we interact and per sieve each other.

People want are opinions to be heard and acknowledged, even respected, or at least if not listened to, contemplated.

I write to express myself, but also to be listened to. Being able to communicate effectively is an art that can be developed and should be practiced. People will walk many miles and come or go outside of the country to listen to and grow from people of influence. Others pay large sums of money to people who will communicate effectively for them.

We write law that Kingdoms and Governments were built on and are maintained by. The authority of verbal and written communication protect the very life we live.

We write countless business material to make money, set corporate structure, provide a moral and ethical standard to reference from, if a person cares about those ideals.

In any case, writing and conversing help soothe the soul, express our emotions, and convey messages.

So it is said, about the circle of life. Find our identity, be able to express ourselves in true form, through effective communication and to live out freedom of expression with liberty, justice, honesty, respect, integrity, and humility is the gift of life we have inherited.

Blurb Caifornia

Over the last 6 months, reading, writing, and research of television and film have become interesting and fun. While studying, I have learned a lot more about the history of California I never paid attention to in school.  For instance, let’s take for example one man in California’s history Edward L. Doheny oil tycoon and business man.

In 1892, Edward owned the 1st successful oil well in California. Oil became a cheap substitute for coal. Railways were converting coal engines to oil engines producing a faster more efficient means of transporting goods. A movie loosely written about Doheny titled “There will be Blood” was a fun watch that gave perspective of lifestyle and work environment at that time in history.

1928 Edward L. Doheny built his son Ned the 55 room mansion “Greystone” as a wedding gift. In 1965 Beverly Hills bought the mansion and in 1971 it became a city park. The mansion is used as a film location for movies on occasion. Ned was buried in forest lawn. His father dedicated the “USC” Doheny Memorial Library to his son. The intellectual center and cultural treasure opened in 1932.

The cinematic arts portion of the library houses a multimedia archive showcasing a wide variety of materials that go into making motion pictures, finished products themselves and new technologies for preserving the moving image. The library as stated here is located on the USC campus and is open to the public, but is used mostly by students and intellectuals.

California indulges a rich history of entertainment and leisure. Doheny happens to be one of many people who helped build California, leaving a footprint of success and luxury to many. California is known as the land of dreams and opportunity for many reasons. The people throughout history who have given of themselves contributing to the greater common good are appreciated by many, unknown to few and acknowledged for their many accomplishments.

The many luxuries that we have been given by some, are used by many for various pleasures and escapes. Escape to California all over again.

Quick Tribute…

Here is a quick tribute to one of my favorite places in the world. The streets are not this empty when you visit. The people are warm, loving, and friendly. Most of the pictures I want to show are currently stuck on a camcorder.


Every few years, since I was a child, I have been to Holland to visit family, tour the country, experience the culture, lifestyle, and enjoy the company of great people. We watched soccer venues in the Stadium, took in the street life of many cities, and indulged in fine cuisine.

DSCN0959 DSCN0927

United Nations world happiness report ranks Holland 4th happiest country in the world, reflecting its high quality life.


The canals were constructed in the 17th century enabling development of new neighborhoods. The history and beauty of the country is a must see and experience. Took some pictures, just for the fun it, check them out.

DSCN1053 DSCN1054

The canals are used for water management, transportation and recreational activities. Motorboats, canal your boats, pedal boats, and canoes cruise the canals year around for pleasure and relaxation.


Whether you travel to experience the culture, lifestyle, places of interest, dine amazing cuisine or just to have fun, Holland is always a great place to hangout.

DSCN0868 DSCN0879

I hope this helps somebody somewhere.

I hope this helps somebody somewhere.


I’ve been thinking about the word professional for some time. The Webster dictionary describes the word professional as characterized by or conforming to the technical or ethical standards of a profession

(2):  exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, and generally businesslike manner in the workplace; someone who does a job that requires special training, education, or skill; someone who is a member of a profession; someone who is paid to participate in a business transaction resulting in payment; someone who has a lot of experience or skill in a particular job or activity

I learned something new the other day about freelance work.

Freelance 101: If I can make you money pay me, if what I produce for you doesn’t make any money don’t bother paying me for my services. This sounded to me like a professional ethic and courtesy I can come to appreciate. The more I thought about the statement the more encouraged I felt. For most of my life I have wondered, can I possibly escape a traditional 9 to 5 job and attain a business I could call my own.

Having worked many jobs, acquiring a lot of professional experience and mentorship along the way, continually challenged in acquiring new business, upholding customer retention, and maintaining professionalism, I strive to achieve. Today I pride myself in providing quality customer service in everything I set out to do professionally. Who doesn’t enjoy making money, receiving letters of recommendation, certificates of achievement, and retention bonuses.

Today I read an article about 7 must haves every professional should challenge him or herself to create and maintain their career portfolio.

  1. Innovative & Unique Resume
  2. Endorsements/Recommendations
  3. Key accomplishments
  4. Employment proposal – sales letter style
  5. One page career summary
  6. Signature white paper (if you dare) created to inform and educate the reader on a hot topic relative to the industry
  7. Pitch networking script – quick opener as an introduction to key decision makers who need what you have to offer

Admittedly some of the necessary business tools needed to acquire a job or new business can seem overwhelming, but don’t fret, these resources are available everywhere if you know what you need to look for to achieve what you want.

Every day I spend at least two hours researching common trends in business and in the job market looking for available resources to find an edge over my competition. Not being afraid to fail rejection seems less painful that one time I hear yes, after so many no’s.

These days I maintain my social networking sites such as Face Book, Word Press and LinkedIn daily looking for advice, guidance, contacts, and networking opportunities. Then I check the job boards to see what kind of jobs are available, who provides internship opportunities or mentorship, what educational opportunities are available for business industry that are most economical and reputable.

I enjoy writing and driving so that is what I pursue. To each his or her own, is what I have been told. I have a better Idea of what I want to accomplish these days, so I set goals and take the necessary steps to go after what I want.

Thanks Coffee, for making my day.

Coffee, I think I might.


Every morning I wake up, ready myself for the day, take a shower, then pour myself a cup of coffee. There is something about the aroma and that first sip that make the morning so much better. Stepping out of the shower I hear the sound of the machine percolating fresh ground bean and water, Oh, the pleasure.

The wafting smell of fresh brew has finally made its way through the house, Ah Coffee. I make my way over to the machine and pour myself a cup, that first sip is so delightful. My body now feels a warm and soothing comfort as I think about how I should start my day. I then get a working space ready to begin planning my day and restructuring my life. Some people have other morning routine, that just happens to be mine.


Today I sat down with my morning coffee and thought about the many trips the family and I have taken just to get out of town. I thought about the many cups of coffee I have experienced in many places with many people.


A Costa Rican coffee plantation just happened to be one of them.

The family and I took a trip to Costa Rica last year. Early morning on the last day of the trip, we took a tour of a coffee plantation in San Jose. Arriving there, we walked over to the back house, sat at a table overlooking the coffee fields, awaiting the owner. The owner of the property noticed us hanging out, brought over to the table a basket of fresh bean, a coffee pot, and some cups. Pouring us all a cup of coffee he shared a brief introduction.

“Remarking the entire process of making that perfect cup of coffee is a tradition, I love starting my day with a cup of coffee.”

He explained how he grinds the coffee bean, boils the water with fresh ground beans, then pours the coffee through a filter. He then sips a spoon full of coffee for tasting. He mentioned people who enjoy coffee appreciate and experience similar processes for brewing and drinking the perfect cup.  As we drank coffee, sharing brief conversation before touring, we watched his dog run around the back yard. While touring we were shown how the coffee was grown, picked, sorted, ground, and packaged for shipment.


On the property was an old back house furnished to the liking of a common grower, without the means of a mass production system. As you walk in the house there is a small kitchen in the middle of the room with coffee supplies on the counter tops (grinder, coffee pot etc.), a little bed tucked away in the corner of the room, and a small bathroom. In the front of the house there was an old wooden chair that overlooked a spectacular view of the lush green hills across the way. In the back of the house was a chicken coop that housed many chickens. He owned a few animals that roamed the grass area.

Being able to visualize what the life of a home owning commoner felt like was rewarding. Waking up in the morning to prepare, brew, and enjoy a cup of coffee, sitting out in front of my little property before having to get ready for work noticeably had the appeal of a pleasurable experience to accompany the accomplishment.


Replicating the process in a lesser way can feel like such a shame sometimes.


Towards the end of the tour, we sat at a table in the conference room of his business, the owner told us about the traditions and the history of Costa Rican coffee. Costa Rican’s pride themselves in selling and distributing pure coffee. We agreed most countries feel a similar nostalgia and pride about producing and selling pure coffee from their fields. He said he wanted to show us something interesting about the difference between pure and blended coffee.

He poured two glasses of water and put them on the table. He poured a spoon full of pure coffee in one and blended in the other. After about 30 seconds, the cup with blended coffee started to bleed a brown substance into the water. The cup with pure coffee bled nothing into the water. Once stirred, there is a noticeable difference between blended and pure coffee. The difference in taste is just as noticeable. He then began to tell us that he enjoys pure coffee no matter what country it comes from not just because of the taste and aroma, but the entire experience of the coffee making process up until that first sip. I told him I shared the same appreciation for a quality cup of coffee.


Over the years I have learned to appreciate life, the way I want to live it. I enjoy reading a good book, taking pictures, listening to records on a record player, drinking quality beer and scotch, critiquing film and TV shows, I enjoy the company of people when I feel like hanging out and I enjoy my free time and personal space. I enjoy travel, leisure, and entertainment just like anyone else. Writing has captured my interest and now I have decided to write just because I can and I enjoy writing. Most of all I enjoy the brewing process and the taste of pure exotic coffee. Thanks Coffee, for making my morning daily.


Fine coffee offer the variety, subtleties, and complexities of fine wine.

Coffee was know as a finer luxury centuries ago and is still treated as such today.

England 1655, Oxford Coffee Club was formed, later to become the Royal Society.

France 1644, Turkish coffee service to Marseilles.

Coffee is also good for your health.

Coffee contains a biochemical substance that activates the higher levels of the brain and rids drowsiness also.